Feedback and Testimonials

Booking Experience 10/10 Prompt reply to booking and any concerns along the way.

Program/Camp Schedule 10/10 Flexible and adapted to our needs

Staff 10/10 A great gang of happy, helpful, supportive people.  They worked so well with the kids.

Meals 10/10 Just Right  I loved the veg and pasta and the ham and salad rolls

Activities 10/10 The kids loved everything and Raft Making was really interesting from a teacher’s point of view.

Other comments:  I had a wonderful camp.  I am never relaxed at camp but your camp was so well run and planned.  We were able to have our activities at night with your suppers provided.  Everything was a team effort.  The hay bales were an innovative activity and I never saw a kid ‘bored’ I am so glad I took up your idea of Wilsons Prom on the first day.  I have been to several camps now and your camp is the best.  You welcome the kids and have good expectations of them.  The last day;s activities with Paul were splendid.  I expect the rest of your appraisals will be similiar to this one.

Teacher Feedback Form


Dear Paul, Kathryn, Rhonda and Tracey

Thank you so much for an AWESOME time on camp at Forest Lodge Farm

The kids have had a ball and today we received very positive feedback from the children about their time on camp.

The activities were fun with just the right amount of challenge, the food was amazing (so much!) and the entire experience was terrific.

I have enclosed a few thankyou cards and pictures from the kids

Kind Regards


Teacher Feedback Form


Dear Paul, Abby, Rhonda and Kathryn.  Thank you for all the time you spent on us, we had a great time at camp, we all loved your activities and the hard work you put into making sure we were safe in all of them, including the flying fox and giant swing.  The best parts of camp were Paul’s sense of humour, Abby’s great plan to tip us out of the canoe, Rhonda’s smile and Kathryn’s cooking. Thank you so much for making this camp the best one yet.

From Mikayla



Dear Forest Lodge Staff.  I thank you for the great time I had.  It was really fun and the staff were really nice.  All of us enjoyed spider pig I think he was the favourite animal.  You put a lot of effort into giving us a great time and your facilities are very good. It’s easily the best camp ever.

Thank you from Alex



Dear Paul, Rhonda, Abby and Kathryn.

Thank you for letting us stay at your amazing camp. It was well above our expectations. Each activity I would look forward to as much as the other and the food was amazing.

From Reece.



Dear Forest Lodge Staff.

Thank you for setting up the fun activities for us and for preparing the most beautiful food.  We hope you have a great year.  You have made us do some things we couldn’t do before but you were there to help us.  There were funny moments.

Thank you from Billy.



Dear Paul, Abby, Rhonda and Kathryn.

I am writing to you to say thank you for an awesome camp!!!! I had a lot of fun doing every activity there was at Forest Lodge Farm. My favourite activities were flying fox, going on the canoes, hut building, raft building and going in the pool.  Thank you sooooo much for letting me have the best time of my life!!!! Once again, thank you for letting me have an awesome time of my life!!!!

From Ellie.



Dear Forest Lodge Staff.

I had a great time at your camp. I loved the Giant Swing, Canoes and Raft Building.  I would love to go to your camp again.  By the way I loved swimming in your pool and watching it glow at night. So thank you for what you did for us and I hope to see you all in the future.

From Sharnie.



Dear Forest Lodge Farm members.

I would like to thank all of the staff at Forest Lodge Farm.  It was SO much fun. The activities you set up for us were fantastic.  My favourite things were the Giant Swing and our day at Wilsons Prom.  The effort you all put in for us was amazing.  I like the pig he was funny!!! Once again thank you all very much. Forest Lodge was awesome.

Lots of love from Tash.



To Paul and Forest Lodge.

I am writing to you to say thank you for looking after us and making our camp a great one.  Forest Lodge is an awesome place and I would recommend it to anyone.  The facilities are really cool, so thank you very much from Josh.



Dear Paul, Kathryn, Abby and Rhonda.

Thank you for having our school, we had so much fun! All of the activities were great especially the flying fox and the canoes. The meals were tasty and the cabins were great. Tug of war was so much fun so was the Forest Lodge Clue Trail. We all voted for you and we hope you win because Forest Lodge is awesome fun.  Thank you for letting us at your camp it was amazing! Love from Lilly.



Dear Forest Lodge Staff.

I would like to thank you all for the fantastic camp.  It was the best camp I’ve been on.  The activities were an adventure and my favourite one was the giant swing.  The food was 100% better than all the other camps I’ve been on.  I loved the animals, especially Spider Pig! Thanks for all the effort you put in, I would really consider coming again.

From Amy.



Forest Lodge Farm is the Best

Outstanding food I rate it 10/10

Raft building was amazingly fun

Excitingly, awesome activities

Super wedgie from the giant swing

Totally awesome pig

Lovely and kind staff

Organisation was amazing thanks

Delicious food from the chefs

Great fun and games

Excellent camp the best I’ve been to

Forest Lodge camp is awesome

Amazing bro Paul I need a picture of both of you

Rating our of 100 I give you 1,000,000,000

My next favourite activity was canoeing

by Briharna



Dear Paul and Kathryn
Please find enclosed a copy of all my photos. I enjoyed my stay immensely, thanks. With a view like yours it is impossible to take a bad photo.


Letter from a parent

Hi There Kathryn,
We had a wonderful time again with you and Paul and would like to thank you both for your energy and efforts to create a wonderful atmosphere for the children to get the most out of the week.
The kids have been busy reflecting, swapping stories and photos and I’m sure we will send you down some of their work!!
Thanks again, hope all is well.


Email from a teacher

Dear Kathryn, Paul and staff,
Thank-you so much for your assistance and expertise whilst on camp here at Forest Lodge. The children had a fabulous time due to your care and wonderful sense of humour. We’re sure the children will be talking about camp as the highlight of the year! Thank-you for directing the kids and helping out our staff and parents in any way possible.
We kindly appreciate your helpful manner.
Many thanks!
Leonie, Erin, Lisa, Jarrod and John

Leonie, Erin, Lisa, Jarrod and John.

Letter from a teacher

Dear Paul and Kath
The Allies Football/Netball Club sincerely wishes to thank you both for a truly magnificent day on Sunday.
To open the farm to all and have so many stay on for games, luncheon and plus for many tea as well was an excellent starter for the season.
The Allies appreciates the way in which everyone was welcomed.
Socially it was magnificent and the Club will no doubt look forward to this becoming an annual event.
Once again many thanks and congratulations for a huge day.
Best Regards
Gary Farley

Gary Farley

The Allies Football/Netball Club

Dear Kathryn and Paul,

Thank-you so much for having us at Forest Lodge Farm. I had a great time and I am sure everybody else did too!
My fav activity was the canoeing, it was so funny when Paul pushed us in the water! I felt a cool rush as I fell in. As I swam to the Island and back I felt like floating there all day. I also liked the giant swing I went all the way to the top. As I pulled the red cord I felt like there was no turning back and there was a split second when I felt like time stopped and my heart missed a beat then…………..I WAS FLYING! Well not really but it sure felt like it.
The staff there were really friendly and the food………….YUM!
Also the food we made at bush cooking was the best my damper was so hard on the outside and soft on the inside. It was great and the bush toffee apples, the sugar melted and it’s making my mouth water just writing about it.
I really loved the time I spent at Forest Lodge Farm, I really enjoyed the experience.
From Meera


Kids feedback letters

Dear Paul and Kathryn
I really enjoyed all the activities you helped us in. My favourite activities were Giant Swing, Ponding, Flying Fox and bush cooking. Thanks for letting us be WILD. I really learned how to be a country kid.
Secondly we really loved the YUMMY food you gave us. We loved everything!
In the activities I was really scared on the Giant Swing, thanks for teaching us that its ok to get dirty on camp but camp is for having fun. Thanks for organising the Red Faces Concert and the disco. Thanks for teaching us to never give up and to be nice to each team mate. WE WILL NEVER FORGET YOU.
From Sara


Kids feedback letters

Dear Paul and Kathryn,
Your camp was the best camp ever! I think that the best part was the food. I had seconds for most of the food. I enjoyed the activities. The bush cooking didn’t taste like flour and water which was good. I didn’t fall off the ropes course. I didn’t catch anything in ponding so that wasn’t good. The giant swing was scary enough but I still enjoyed it. My hands got dirty pulling the rope. The next day I had archery and scored 26 points but no bullseye. I could of got 2 bullseyes but they bounced off the balloons. It was hard running up the flying fox hill but it was worth it for the ride. I got soaked during hut building. There were so many things to do during free time. I rate Forest Lodge 10/10. I’ve been to two other camps and this is the best one out of the 3. Thank you for letting us stay at the camp. I barrack for the Tigers too.
Yours Truly Alex.


Kids feedback letters

Dear Paul and Kathryn,
Thank you for having us at Forest Lodge Farm we all had great fun and loved your hospitality. We all would like to stay longer but of course we couldn’t. The activities would have to be the best part of camp: I especially liked the giant swing, the canoeing and the ponding. I also thought it was a special camp because it had things that other camps didn’t like ponding, real disco lights and spider pig! I slept very well every night the beds were very comfortable, Max thought so too because every morning I would see who was awake and Max was always in his bed well asleep. When it came to dinner time it was awesome, we always had great meals and pretty much every time I had seconds and let me tell you, you will never leave the table hungry because they also have desert, sometimes it’s chocolate mousse, pudding or heaps of other yummy foods, Any way thanks again for letting us stay at Forest Lodge Farm.
From Gavin.


Kids Feedback Letters

Dear Kathryn and Paul,
Thank you for having us! We hope that we weren’t any trouble. I thought Forest Lodge was a great camp! The staff were really friendly and the food was great! All the activities were really fun, I especially liked the Giant Swing! Bush Cooking was really fun as well!! but my favourite activity would have to be ponding/yabbying because it was really fun getting stuck in the mud and getting my shoes all wet and squelchy. I thought the ropes course was really great as well because it was a challenge and you needed balance. All the animals were really friendly especially Popcorn and Milo. All in all I think Forest Lodge is a wonderful camp and I hope that I can go there again someday.
From Laura.
PS Forest Lodge Rocks
Go Forest Lodge


Kids Feedback Letters

Hi Kathryn and Paul,
Just letting you know that all the kids are raving about your camp they have all come back pumped and want to come back next year. Thanks for being so cool with all the students of both camps. The teachers also had a great time. They were very happy with the meals that were served and especially the cheese and biscuits. You are both LEGENDS in the eyes of all the kids. Thanks again, have a great Christmas and New year.


Email from a teacher December 2008

It was the most enjoyable camp I have so far experienced. Food was SUPERB, you guys were lovely, facilities were comfortable, activities were fun. Our kids had a BALL and so did the staff.

PS say hi to Daisy for me
Staff 10/10 Paul in particular kept us and the kids entertained
Meals 10/10 Delicious food! Jackie should get a raise
What was your fav meal at camp? That’s a hard one! The casserole and also the roast beef/gravy Yum, sorry I picked 2! and the dessert was to die for.

From Teachers Feedback Forms

Forest Lodge Farm Camp Report.
The best camp in the world would have to be Forest Lodge Farm. We think that it was the best camp as it had excellent activities like canoeing, ropes course, archery, bush cooking, flying fox and the dreaded giant swing. Forest Lodge Farm also had a swimming pool and a recreation room which had a table tennis and a pool table in it. What also made the camp so much fun for us was the people that worked there, There was Paul, Kathryn, 2 Michelles and Jackie and the meals were simply awesome, we were allowed to have seconds if we wanted them. We were involved in a lot of fun night activities like toasting marshmellows over a campfire, a bush walk and camp idol. We all had the time of our lives at Forest Lodge Farm.
Written by Alannah, Matthew, Sultan and Zac.
Alannah, Matthew, Sultan and Zac.

From the cover of a School camp DVD

Dear Forest Lodge Staff
Thank you for your excellent hospitality and delicious food. My favourite activities were the giant swing and archery. Paul was really funny and kitchen duty was really fun.
I LOVE Forest Lodge.
From Sarah.

Student Letter

Dear Paul, Michelle, Michelle, Kathryn and Jackie
Your food was fantastic and the activities were awesome I especially liked the Giant Swing and the Archery. The cabins were better than other cabins in other places. My cabin got one of the newest sheets which were very pretty. I had a great time. A few of us played with your kids (including me) and they were really fun to play with.
From Amy
PS Go Tigers
F lying fox
O utstanding food
R emarkable Staff
E xciting stuff
S ensational oval
T errific chickens
L akes that are big
O verjoyed
D uty for meals
G iant swing
E nthusiastic

Student Letter

Dear Staff,
We had lots of fun. I enjoyed the food a lot and loved the activities. My favourite thing was canoeing. I loved the camp at Forest Lodge Farm. I liked popcorn the rooster. Thank you for a great camp.
From Stefanie.

Student Letter

Dear Forest Lodge Staff,
Thank you for letting all the year 3’s stay at Forest Lodge. I enjoyed all the activities but my favourite was the Giant Swing. I loved meeting all the animals and the food was great. The night walk was really fun especially when we saw the owl and the kangaroos.
Thanks again.

Student Letter

Dear Camp,
I had a great time at camp it was the best camp ever! I mean it.
Your food was very yummy! I especially liked the giant swing and the flying fox, the huts and canoeing! I loved it there it was the best camp ever.
Love Lachlan.

Student Letter

Dear Paul,
I had a lot of fun at Forest Lodge Farm. I like canoeing a lot and the giant swing was scary. It was funny when you took a photo of yourself.
Yours sincerely.

Student Letter

Dear Paul,
I had so much fun at camp. Did you know that my name is Paul too?
I think your food is the best. I lost my tummy on the giant swing. The flying fox is so much fun. I wish I was there for 5 weeks. Do you like the flying fox?
Yours sincerely

Student Letter

Dear Paul,
I loved the giant swing and canoeing because on the giant swing I liked how you made us sing lots of things when we were pulling someone up to the top. Has Michelle ever been on the canoes because if she has did she fall in?
From Oscar.

Student Letter

Dear Paul and Kathryn,
Forest Lodge is the best camp place I have been to. I am still telling my mum and dad how you were really good with children.
At school we are trying to be like we are running a camp. We have been getting the camp menu ready but I dont think the food is going to be like your fabulous food.
What did I like about camp?
I liked when we did the flying fox because Mrs K did it for the first time in life! I loved doing the bush cooking because it was fun when we got to eat it. I felt like I lost my stomach on the giant swing but I got over it.
I cannot wait to see you again,

Student Letter

Dear Paul and Kathryn,
I enjoyed school camp a lot. My favourite things were going on the giant swing, bush cooking, canoeing and flying fox. All the food was absolutely delicious. I loved holding and cuddling popcorn the rooster. Did you know we stopped at the beach on the way? It was lovely there. We also had a sandcastle competition but my group didn’t win. When I got home from camp I was exhausted.
Yours Sincerely,

Student Letter

Hi, my name is India and Im going to tell you a story. On the 10th June 2008 the year 3’s went to Forest Lodge. All my friends and I were bubbling with excitement. We walked into school and were asked to wait outside. I felt a bit teary when the bus left but I knew we were going to have lots of fun. We stopped at Wildlife Wonderland then at the beach. At Forest Lodge Paul the owner showed us around. The first activity we did was hut building. For dinner we had pasta it tasted like lasagne. My favourite part of camp was the giant swing I had 2 turns it was amazing. On the day we came back home it was really sad. I was excited when I saw my mum. I thought camp was really fun. Thank you for having us at beautiful Forest Lodge! I hope we can come back sometime soon.
Yours Sincerely,

Student Letter

This certificate is awarded to Paul, Kathryn, Michelle, Jackie and Michelle
Because: They organised the camp for the year 3’s They are all very nice and set the place nicely especially the bunk rooms.
Go Tigers (I really do go for them).
From Aimee xxx

Student Letter

“Students and staff had a fantastic time. Well done! The way you looked after us and interacted with the children was exceptional”

Feedback Form

“Hi Kathryn,
We all enjoyed our stay at your campsite and made good use of our 3 days. All the activities were well set up, accommodation and cleanliness was of a very good standard compared to other sites we have experienced in the past. A big thank you and we may use the site again in the near future”

Email Received

Q. What was your favourite meal at camp?
A. Pancakes, pasta bake, roast beef, chocolate pudding, salad rolls – should we go on? The children left very little on their plates which is a very good indication of how great the food was.
“Thanks so much for making our camp wonderful. You went out of your way to assist with everything, such as picking up medication for the children and teachers alike. Your staff were wonderful with the children, always friendly and supportive, which made it a very memorable camp for us. We really did enjoy our time and the weather you were able to provide was absolutely outstanding :)
The children loved the animals and the activities and they were completely comfortable in the environment. Thanks for providing us with a newspaper each day and the cheese/snack platter for the parents and teachers – it was appreciated at the end of a very busy day. Coal Creek was excellent and they have really got their act together and provided a quality program with lots of variety which was age appropriate. We would be happy to recommend it to other schools as their program was wonderful”

Teacher feedback Form

“I am 11 years old. I came to Forest Lodge camp with my school in 2006 and it was great! I fed a baby cow for the first time in my life and I even had a go at the giant swing and flying fox. At first I was nervous but Paul helped me get over my fear. Thank you so much for that experience. All the best”

Email Received From a Student

Hi Kathryn and Paul,
On behalf of the 1st Year University Students who attended Orientation Camp this year, all the leaders and the committee would like to express our utmost thanks and gratitude for allowing us to have such a fantastic weekend at Forest Lodge Farm!!
Once again all the facilities, the food and most of all the staff were all top notch and all were enjoyed immensely by all who attended.
We want to continue our orientation camp tradition by using your facilities again next year.”
Uni Camp Organiser

Email From Uni Camp Organiser

Booking Experience 10/10 was very good and my visit last year convinced me the camp would suit us.
Camp Program 10/10 cannot be faulted.
Meals 10/10 Suited me down to the ground and im a fussy eater.
Facilities 10/10 really good.
Activities 10/10 great (except when a teacher swore on the Giant Swing :) )
Comments: Keep up the good work. I’ve been going on camps for ages and I know you have the right formula.

Teachers Feedback Form

“Thanks again guys for another great camp, we will certainly be back next year to enjoy your fantastic hospitality”

Feedback Form

“Hi Paul and Kathryn,
Hopefully you are resting after having two seperate groups through this week. We had a great time and the children have been keen to share their experiences with anyone that will listen! Parents have commented on the enthusiasm the kids have shown when talking about everything that happened on camp. This is a credit to you all as the rapport you developed with the kids ensured they had a great time and really enjoyed YOUR company”

Email Received From a Teacher

Staff 10/10
Comments: Both school staff and students greatly appreciated your enthusiasm and involvement. All the little things that you do count – birthday celebration, singing, dancing and generally being silly and cool.
Meals 9/10
Comments: Meals were terrific! Children who are normally fussy eaters were going back for seconds and thirds. It is always a good sign when staff enjoy camp food and we did! Healthy options and plenty of it. It was great having a fruit basket and supper worked well for us.
Facilities 9/10
Comments: Clean and Comfortable. The little kitchen area for the staff is great!
Activities 10/10
Comments: All activities we did were fun and successful. We would like to do fishing and ponding next year in addition to those we already do.
Other Comments: Our kids (and staff) rave about your camp and view it as ‘the best they go to’! From a teachers perspective, the great thing about Forest Lodge is having energetic, personable and fun hosts who take part in all the activities and excursions and allow us to enjoy the kids in a different environment.
Thanks Gang! You’re Ace!

Teachers Feedback Form

“Dear Paul, Kathryn and Staff,
I would very much like to thank you and commend you on a job well done! As a parent helper attending your facilities I was overjoyed at the experience and impressed by the participation of you and all your staff. The meals were amazing and organisation applaudable. Thank-you again on behalf of myself and I am sure many other parents if they were to have the opportunity to see the amazing place they have sent their children to”

Email Received From a Parent

To The fantastic staff at Forest Lodge Farm,
Just a small note to say thank you for the wonderful couple of days we spent at Forest Lodge. The students and staff have indicated that their time at Forest Lodge Farm was the highlight of the Expo program and definitely think that it was a valued experience.
Please extend my sincere thanks to all of the staff for being so obliging and fantastic to work with and we hope that you can find some time to sit back, relax and enjoy the chocolates.

From a card we received from a teacher.

“Dear Kathy & Paul ,
We had a great time at Forest Lodge. The giant swing was the best thing ever, I want to go on it a thousand times. Thank you for having us stay for three days. I was sad when we left Forest Lodge. You are very nice.
I loved the activities. The night walk was fun. I liked the chocolate cake and the pudding. The beds were so soft. I still miss all the animals as well. Thank you for having the disco. The cabins were very nice and I liked all the food. Forest Lodge was the best camp ever, I think about it all the time. I loved the fresh air a lot. I hope I will see you again soon.
Love From Morgan”

Student Letter

Dear Kath & Paul,
We had the best time ever at Forest Lodge.
The best thing I did was the Giant Swing because it gave me a big shiver down my spine.
I want to come again Paul as you made the best pancakes and have the best activities.

Student Letter

“Dear Kath & Paul,
We had a great time at Forest Lodge. The camp was the best in the world.
I loved the pancakes, the vanilla ice cream and the chocolate pudding. It was spectacular, fantastic and delicious. The giant swing was so scary but when you get off it, it was great.
I wish I could come there again.

Student Letter

“Dear Kathy and Paul,
I had a great time at Forest Lodge. I love the activities, they were ace. I enjoyed the giant swing the most.
I also loved the chocolate cake and pudding. The rooms were fantastic and the night walk was was excellent, we saw so many kangaroos.
I think Forest Lodge is the best camp ever.
I loved Forest Lodge a lot. I have a good chant for you Paul – Forest Lodge is the best – chuck out the rest.
From Tyler”

Student Letter

“Dear Kath and Paul,
We had a great time at Forest Lodge. The Giant Swing, Flying Fox and Canoes were excellent. Archery, Hut Building , Ropes Course and Bush cooking were fun and the meals were delicious.
I’m going to miss Forest Lodge and its probably going to be the best camp I’ll ever go to!!
From Keely”

Student Letter

“Dear Kath and Paul,
We had a great time at Forest Lodge.
The sensational pancakes were the best in the whole wide world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank-you Paul for cooking them.
The flying fox was magnificent!!
I loved the supper on the first night, the cake and the icing were YUMMY!!!
The camp was just fantastic and great!!
Love from

Student Letter

Thank you for providing a safe, challenging, positive and fun learning experience for our school.
The grade 3 children had a fantastic time, due to your friendly nature and encouraging words with our group.
We look forward to working together again in the future.

Card we received from a teacher.

“To all the ForestLodgeians,
I would like to thank you all for accommodating us and making sure that we were safe.
The food there was really nice and doing the dishes and helping to clean up wasnt as bad as I thought it would be. All of the activities were absolutely fantastic especially the Giant Swing which was really fun!
The Giant Swing was the best. When it was my first turn (you know how everyone gets two shots) I went all the way to the top so I could get the most out of it but right when I pulled the release cord it felt like I was flying. I bet you were scared the first time you tried it at the top.
The next best activity I enjoyed was the fishing because I actually caught a red fin fish.
Also it was the first time I have ever fished. How many fish or how many times could you catch a fish on average in one day?
The whole of Forest Lodge was great and I hope that I could come by and have another go at the Giant Swing.
Sincerely Stuart
PS All the animals were great!”

Student Letter

“Dear Kathryn & Paul,
Just a quick email to thank you for all your efforts in making our stay so enjoyable. We thoroughly enjoyed it and hope you have a successful rest of the year. Your enthusiasm was great and whatever we needed, you delivered”

Email Received

Staff 10/10 Friendly, very helpful and interacted well with children & staff were looked after really well
Meals 10/10 Great variety of meals, fruit etc nutritious and plenty to eat catering for the hungry appetites after activities. Fabulous!!
“Thanks for another great camp. Special thanks to Kathryn who made my job of organising the camp easier. See you in two years”

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