Oink Woof Moo!

Daisy and Felix

Daisy is a spoodle, she is such a gentle, placid little girl.  She doesn’t have a mean bone in her body.  She’s a bit shy and is a real homebody, but every now and then she will go for a little wander to say hi to everyone.

Felix is a cavoodle and is just beautiful. He can be a little bit crazy but he’s really sweet, happy and friendly.  

Spider Pig

Spider pig has been with us for many many years now.  She is a great personality at the camp and the kids on duty group love being responsible for feeding her every day.

Billy the Goat

We got Billy from the RSPCA a couple of years ago, he has been a fantastic addition to the camp and he has made him self right at home.  He thinks he is pretty special and loves getting in “selfies” with the kids.


Pepper is a lovely boy,  he is a little bit shy, but every now and then curiosity gets the better of him and he has to come over to see what everyone is up to.



Maaa is a beautiful girl, we have had her from a lamb.  She is SUPER friendly and will come running over to see you, hoping that you have some food.

Rodney and Lisa

Now Rodney is a real character,  Rodney thinks the world revolves around him and it kinda does.  He puts on a big display to let everyone know that Lisa is his girlfriend and no-one else should look at her.  If you walk up to Rodney and make some turkey noises your nearly guaranteed he will talk back to you.

Milk and Shake

Milk and Shake are a lot bigger now,  they are VERY shy and like to just hang out in the back paddocks,  but every now and then they will come up to the fence to say hi.