Giant Swing – Flying Fox – Canoes – Bush Cooking
Archery – Low Ropes Course – Hut Building – Ponding and more

Forest Lodge has a huge range of activities to suit everyone.

We can cater for those in need of a challenge, groups that want to work on building self confidence or just enjoying the property and relaxation.

Many of the activities are best performed in groups, and children love competing against and working with their classmates & friends.

Try one of our proven programs or we can customise a program it to your groups needs.

Activities available include: Giant Swing, Flying Fox, Canoes, Archery, Bush Cooking, Hut Building, Low Ropes Course, Ponding, Raft Building, Initiatives Course, Frisbee Golf.  We also have a swimming pool, large sports oval for ballgames including volleyball and basketball rings.

Giant Swing

How high can you go? You can be hauled up to full height of 20 meters if you dare! You decide when to pull the rip cord and start swinging. This activity is fully supervised by qualified staff.
“On Tuesday and Wednesday everyone got split into groups and did the campsite activities. One of the activities was the Giant Swing. You got harnessed in and then you got pulled up to however high you wanted to go. Everyone worked very hard to get you to the top. Then you pulled a cord and swung back and forth like a pendulum”  –  Sam


Paddle the calm waters of our dam, take in the beautiful scenery.  Be careful, your canoe wont turn the right way unless you work as a team with your partner.  This activity is great for building confidence, challenging yourself and team building skills.   Our staff running this session will instruct on water safety and the basics of canoe paddling.  Once the group is adapt at steering the canoe some great fun games can be played, including canoe tiggy, manoeuvring through the poles, races and more.
This specialised activity is fully supervised by Forest Lodge Staff.  All participants are in life jackets during this activity

“Canoes was my favourite activity at camp,  I had never been canoeing before but I think I was good at it, after the staff showed how to paddle they said I was a natural.  I loved going around the island and we played games during canoes like tiggy and we also had races, James and I came second,  it was the best fun ever! – Aiden”

Flying Fox

Our 110 metre long Flying Fox is fun for all ages. Overlooking lush green dairy farms and the amazing Strzelecki ranges, the fox has one of the best views in the area.  This specialised activity is fully supervised by qualified Forest Lodge Staff.

“I was a bit scared to go on the flying fox at first but I really wanted to have a turn, I was so glad I did and I couldn’t wait to have my second turn.  I loved the feeling of going down the hill it was the biggest thrill of my life, I wish I had a flying fox in my backyard – Jack”

Bush Cooking

Ever cooked a damper twist on a camp fire, what about a toffee apple?  This activity gives you a real “Im in the country” feel, nothing better than warming your self in front of the fire and enjoying the food you have just cooked yourself.
This activity is supervised by the groups teacher/leader with full instruction from Forest Lodge staff.

“I loved doing bush cooking because the smell of the fire and the damper cooking was sooo good, I have never tasted damper before so I was excited, my damper was pretty well cooked and I had butter and jam which tasted delicious, I also cooked a toffee apple – Sarah”


Test your skill with a bow and arrow. This activity is run under cover so weather is not a factor. As an extra challenge balloons can be used as a target, try and pop everyone elses balloon, see if your the last one standing!!
This activity is supervised by groups teachers/leaders with full instruction from Forest Lodge staff.
“At camp, the grade 5’s did archery. We learnt how to safely load the bow. We had 3 practice shots to get used to it and know what we were doing before we had a tournament. In two groups boys and girls we tried to get a bull’s eye. Nathaniel was one successful archer” By Tessa

Hut Building

Build a hut with the bush materials provided. Would yours stand up to the wind and the rain? Climb in and we’ll test your hut !!
This activity is supervised by groups teachers/leaders with full instruction from Forest Lodge staff.
“On Wednesday, the third day of camp, we split into three groups. One group played cricket, the next group did orienteering and the last group did Hut Building. Hut Building was a real challenge. We got into small groups and we had to design a waterproof hut. After we had finished building it the teachers poured water over the huts while we were inside! Everyone got soaked! Nobodys huts were waterproof and everyone ended up getting wet!” By Kai

Low Ropes Course

How is your sense of balance? Can you make it through our ropes course without touching the ground? Try it out. This activity can be performed as a group activity with challenges for teams, or for individuals to test their skill
This activity is supervised by the groups teacher/leader with full instruction from Forest Lodge staff.
“At camp there was an activity that was called the Ropes Course. It was all about balancing on ropes and having fun. The ropes course was made out of ropes and what we did was hold on and step on ropes. Most kids fell off but they tried again. We needed to get into a group of 3 people to help support each other for safety.” By Amy


You’ll be surprised at the diverse range of interesting creatures that like to call our dam home. Look at them through our magnifying glasses and use our books to work out what you have found and learn more about them.
This activity is supervised by groups teachers/leaders with full instruction from Forest Lodge staff.

“We found lots of funny creatures in the dam that I hadn’t seen before,  we took them up to the tables and got to look at them through a little glass box to see them clearer.  Some little beetles skim across the water so fast. I found a baby yabby and Amy also found a little frog, there were lots of tadpoles too – Jessica”

Raft Building

Use the supplied equipment to build your own raft and challenge other teams. See who’s raft will stand up to the great raft race.
This activity can be supervised by qualified Forest Lodge staff on request.

“we were all split into 2 teams and we had to work really quickly together to build our raft,  at first we couldn’t all agree on what to make but we ended up coming up with a good plan, and then we had to race to the island and back, our raft stayed together but the other teams raft came apart cos they didn’t spend enough time making it secure, so we won! – Ethan”

Initiatives Course

This activity can be utilised during your session at Low Ropes course or you can choose to have Initiatives course as an activity on its own.  This is team building at its best, work together, solve problems, have fun!

“the initiatives course is all about working together as a team.  Everyone was in a team of about 10 or 11.  The tasks we had to accomplish were challenging.  One of the tasks involved us all standing on a platform that was about 1 metre by 1 metre.  One by one we had to swing on a rope to the platform on the other side which was much smaller so we were really cramped and a lot of us had trouble, but we all found solutions! There were a number of different tasks we had to complete. We all enjoyed it.  By Tamzyn”

Frisbee Golf

Our Frisbee golf course is around the sports oval,  this is a great activity for the kids, builds hand eye co-ordination whilst having lots of fun.
This activity is supervised by groups teachers/leaders with full instruction from Forest Lodge Staff.


Fishing isn’t an activity that we include on our regular programs.  We do however,  have red fin in our dam, so you if school/group has a teacher leader attending that is keen on fishing, you can BYO fishing gear and include this activity during free time at camp (if you have any).
This activity needs to be fully supervised by a group teachers or leaders.  Following ratio of 1 adult to 10 children.
“Awesome” Kath

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